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OVERVIEW: Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance Virtual Queue Boarding Group


Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance (SW: ROTR) opened officially 2 days ago at Disney’s Hollywood Studios (Hollywood Studios) to rave reviews from guests, however the way for reserving your place in line came as a shock to a number of guests.

ROTR is using a virtual queuing system. Guests that want to ride the attraction in the first few weeks of SW: ROTR’s operation are required to reserve a boarding pass. Below you’ll be able to find out some of the basics for this system.

We will continue to keep this post updated as things change, so make sure you check back before your next visit. Just in case something has changed or been adjusted.

Credit: Orlando Park Stop

Let’s start with the official description on what the boarding pass system is, then we’ll delve into how the system works and then we’ll offer some tips and tricks. Disney has not officially revealed/announced how long they’ll use this system for SW: ROTR.

However, it has been reported that they (Disney) only intend to use the system for the “first few weeks of operation”. After that, the attraction will move to regular standby line status. The official description for the virtual queue can be found below:

“We are currently using a virtual queue system to experience our newest attraction, SW: ROTR, allowing you to enjoy the other offerings in Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge and the rest of Hollywood Studios while you wait.

Check the My Disney Experience app or digital status boards throughout the park to see the current boarding group status. You must use virtual queue and obtain a boarding group to ride the attraction. There will be no standby line.

However, capacity is limited and obtaining a boarding group does not guarantee the ability to experience. [THAT’S THE CRUICAL PART]”

How to Use Virtual Queue  

All members of your party must be inside Hollywood Studios before you can reserve your boarding pass. The virtual queue system knows if your park ticket or MagicBand has been scanned to enter the park. [This is a crucial point!]

You’ll need the My Disney Experience app to create your boarding pass reservation. If you do not use mobile app, you’ll need to visit a Guest Experience Team Kiosk1 and they’ll be able to book your boarding pass for you.

1: Guest service Cast Members wearing blue shirts

#1: Open the My Disney Experience app after having entered Hollywood Studios. Click on the SW: ROTR – Access by Boarding Group banner on the main screen of the app. If it does not recognise that you are inside Hollywood Studios, just try restarting the app so it can refresh.

#2: Select the Join Boarding Group button (it will/should appear as orange if there are boarding passes available. If it is shaded out grey then this means there is no more boarding passes available for the day.)

#3: Select the members in your party that you’d like to add to the boarding group. The members of your party must be in the theme park currently AND MUST have their tickets connected to your My Disney Experience account.

Credit: Orlando Park Stop

You will then be allocated to a boarding group. You can click on the My Status anytime from the boarding group screen to see the current status of your group. The Boarding Group screen will show the current groups that are allowed to load.

You’ll see the current boarding groups loading on digital status boards around the park. When it is time for your boarding group to ride SW: ROTR you’ll be sent a push notification (please make sure this option is enabled for your mobile device).

You’ll also be able to check My Status anytime and it will display when it is time to ride as well. You’ll have 2 hours from the time your group is called to ride. Following that, your boarding pass will expire.

Please bare in mind there are a limited number of boarding groups available every day, it would appear they run out very quickly. If SW: ROTR runs efficiently for the day it is possible that Disney may add extra boarding groups later, so just keep checking the app in the late afternoon/evening.

We’re going to conclude this post! You can find frequently asked questions about the virtual queue boarding pass here.


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