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Intoxicated Man Arrested for Multiple Offences at Universal’s Volcano Bay 


A 37-year-old man from Bristol, England was arrested last month for multiple offences including battery on a law enforcement officer at Universal’s Volcano Bay.

According to court documents, James Stuart Evans was charged with Disorderly Conduct, Resisting Officer with Violence, and Battery on Law Enforcement Officer. 

On the 4th February, 2022, an Orlando Police Officer was responding to a fellow officer who needed assistance. Upon his arrival, the officer met with an assistance-requiring officer who had Evans in custody and secured with handcuffs. 

Evans was sitting inside the arresting officer’s patrol vehicle. Due to his injury, the assistance-requiring officer transferred his probable cause to the responding officer. You can read what the injured officer said below: 

“Officer [name excluded*] was working an extra detail at Volcano Bay, in his capacity as an Orlando Police Officer, wearing his department-issued uniform, with a badge, clearly identifying him as a police officer. 

Officer [name excluded] was escorting Evans, at the request of Universal employees, out of the park due to acting disorderly, being intoxicated, and causing a loud disturbance.

While Officer [name excluded] was escorting Evans out of the park, Evans was yelling “Arrest me” out loud, several times in front of guests, causing them to look at him and his disorderly actions. 

Officer [name excluded] then verbally told him that he was under arrest. Officer [name excluded] grabbed Evans’ left arm and he pulled away from Officer [name excluded]’s grip. Officer [name excluded] reached over Evans’ right shoulder in an attempt to escort Evans to the ground.

Evans pushed Officer [name excluded]’s right arm away, causing injury to Officer [name excluded]’s right arm. Officer [name excluded] reached for Evans’ legs, grabbed them, and he caused Evans to lose his balance and fall to the ground.

While on the ground, Officer [name excluded] was attempting to secure Evans with handcuffs, however Evans was resisting and obstructing Officer [name excluded]’s efforts to place him under arrest by moving his arms away from Officer [name excluded]’s grasps. 

After a short while, Officer [name excluded] was able to secure Evans with handcuffs. Officer [name excluded] was transported to Advent South for medical treatment. 

Evans was transported to Advent South to be treated for a complaint of pain in his right knee. He [Evans] was treated immediately discharged by medical personnel. Evans was transported to BRC without incident.”

According to Orange County Circuit Court documents, Evans has pleaded not guilty. Evans is currently being represented by Bryce Fetter.

*PLEASE NOTE: Names of officials involved have been excluded. 

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