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Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance Boarding Groups Distributed in Record Time Yesterday at Disney’s Hollywood Studios


The Rise of the Resistance boarding group saga continues…Not in a great way in our opinion.

According to data collected by thrill-data.com, the distribution of Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance (SW: ROTR) boarding groups was the quickest ever yesterday morning, with boarding groups completely distributed within minutes, and relating posts on social media proving the data collected.

Twitter user Eric Laycock posted a screenshot (see below) of his SW: ROTR boarding number, 101, with moments of the boarding window opening to guests yesterday morning.

In the replies (see below) of Laycock’s tweet, other Twitter users expressed similar shock over how fast the boarding groups were distributed.

Thrill-data’s data backs that up!

In the graph below, plots for 3rd January 2020 on the far right indicate that no sooner had the boarding group window opened, it closed again, and backup boarding groups were being distributed until approxminetly 20 minutes after Disney’s Hollywood Studios (Hollywood Studios) opened.

Credit: thrill-data.com

Please keep in mind that backup boarding groups should not be relied on. The all-new attraction saw multiple breakdowns (downtime) yesterday, with guests being evacuated as seen in the tweet below.

The door you see open on the left leads to a part of the ride’s queue. Just in case you were wondering!

As a result of the downtime, guests that had backup boarding groups were being notified that they wouldn’t be able to ride the attraction yesterday. Please note that it’s likely that a guest may have secured a boarding group just a minute or two after 7:00am.

It’s not an anomaly that the all-new attraction suffers downtime…it’s a very complex attraction. It’s fair to suggest it suffers a fair amount of downtime during a single day.

With regular boarding groups being completely secured within minutes, it would appear all touring plans beyond getting to Hollywood Studios at an unreasonable hour are out of the window at this time.

We understand that it’s a busy time of year, so hopefully the situation could get better in the coming weeks. However, this likely isn’t the guest experience Disney wants to be providing for their all-new attraction.

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