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20-Year-Old Man Accused of Groping Child at SeaWorld Orlando


Orange County Authorities say a man from Cocoa, Florida was drunk when he groped a child at SeaWorld Orlando (SeaWorld).

The accuser told Orange County investigators that whilst waiting in line for Manta at SeaWorld, 20-year-old Kyle Graham was constantly looking at him or her.

20-year-old Kyle Graham

According the complaint made, after the ride Graham allegedly walked up and groped the child. The victim yelled, “You grabbed my butt.”

Investigators said Graham held on for a moment as the child yelled, but was looking around aimlessly as though he did not hear the victim yelling at him.

The complaint said that when SeaWorld security got involved in the situation, Graham got angry with them and started using profanity before running towards the exit.

An Orange County deputy working at SeaWorld stopped him and even then, the 20-year-old was verbally aggressive and uncontrollable, the complaint states.

The complaint also suggests that Graham smelled like alcohol. He faces charges for felony child abuse, misdemeanour battery and disorderly intoxication.

Source: WESH

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