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Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance Experiencing Numerous Breakdowns Today


Today marks the 2nd day of Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance’s (ROTR) operation at Disney’s Hollywood Studios (Hollywood Studios) and as “we move towards day to day” operations, it would appear that new issues are coming to light, with the attraction experiencing increased downtime, not to mention boarding groups getting fully distributed hours before the park’s opening.

Yesterday, ROTR broke down in the early morning hours for a brief period of time. How did the news come to light? A number of outlets covered it exstensively, including us. ROTR has broken down twice today, meaning the entire queue and ride had to be evacuated.

The guests who were evacuated from the queue, pre-show, or on the actual attraction itself have received same-day FastPasses, but it would be fair to say it offers little consolation after 2 back-to-back evacuations. The operational issues and evacuations are in turn essentially leading to reduced capacity on the attractions.

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Last night, it came to light that guests in later boarding groups were denied access to ROTR after having waited all day. Please note, joining a boarding group is not a guarantee that they’ll be able to ride ROTR. Guests whose boarding groups were not able to be accommodated received an anytime FastPass for the attraction, plus a 1-Day Park Hopper tickets as a means of compensation per say.

HOWEVER! Today, even though an official listed park open of 9:00am, boarding group distribution ended at 8:10am. This essentially means that guests who arrived nearly an hour before the park opened, they did not have chance at obtaining a boarding group or a place in the virtual queue for ROTR.

Hollywood Studios has discreetly opened at 6:00am these past 2 days, unbeknownst to a majority of Walt Disney World Resort guests. The number of boarding groups distributed has been capped severely to avoid the same capacity issues the park ran into last night.

Heading to Hollywood Studios to ride ROTR? Please do keep in mind that hours are constantly changing, and in order to be able to secure a boarding group, you’ll have to beat the crowds, which may or may not be at the park 3 hours before Hollywood Studios official opening time.

Source: WDWNT

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