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Team Member Shouts at Guest for Applauding Halloween Horror Nights 32 Scareactors at Universal Studios Florida 


According to a post on Reddit, a Team Member shouted at a guest for applauding Halloween Horror Nights 32 scareactors at Universal Studios Florida.

FYI: The information was posted in a thread on the fan-run Halloween Horror Nights community page of the social media platform. 

Approximately 21 hours ago, u/Ok_Improvement1254 started the thread ‘I thought cheering and applauding the scare actors was part of the HHN culture but…’ with the following: 

“Last night I got shouted at by a member of staff for doing it. I was literally just clapping them coming out during their switch over and she shouted “PLEASE RESPECT THE SCARE ACTORS”. It was very confusing.”

Many users of the fan-run community page discussed the subject of the thread in the thread comments. You can read the comments here (we highly recommend you do).

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Have you ever experienced anything like the guest above has at HHN? Let us know in the comments below.

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H/T Reddit

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