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Guest Hurt After Fall in Halloween Horror Nights 32 Haunted House at Universal Studios Florida 


According to a post on Reddit, a guest was hurt after he fell in a Halloween Horror Nights 32 haunted house at Universal Studios Florida.

FYI: The information was posted in a thread on the fan-run Halloween Horror Nights community page of the social media platform. 

Approximately 20 hours ago, u/cheme32 started the thread ‘Trip Hazard at Monsters House’ with the following: 

“We went through the [Universal] Monsters Unmasked house last night and in one scene my dad fell forward hitting both knees and his hands on the scene. In the room, neither Dr. Jekyll nor Mr. Hyde scareactors came out and so it was hard to tell which direction to go. There is a divider that is like a rock pile about 1 [one] foot tall to keep people from going straight, but with no actors it was nearly impossible to see without looking down and my dad fell over it hard. He even ruined the shoes he had on. Now we have 3 days left for him to wander the parks and guest services [are] doing nothing. They said, ‘We can get him a wheelchair for you to push him around in,” but that’s it.”

At this time, it’s unclear whether Universal Orlando was able to rectify the situation. Stay tuned for possible updates. 

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H/T Reddit

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