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Service Dog Kicked By Guest in Queue of Space Mountain at Magic Kingdom 


Disgraceful! A service dog was kicked by a guest in the queue of Space Mountain at the Magic Kingdom

According to a recently released Orange County Sheriff’s report (via WDWNT), the incident occurred on the 28th July, 2023, as two 19-year-old females waited in line with their two service dogs. 

A stranger (male) behind them stepped on the tail of one of the dogs. One female asked him to move back, which made the male angry, the report said (via WDWNT).  

The other female put her service dog in between them and the male. It’s worth noting that this female was celebrating her birthday at the Magic Kingdom. 

“When the line moved forward, she took a few steps forward, and when the male moved forward as well, he stepped on and kicked the service dog,” the report said (via WDWNT).

Thankfully, the service dog wasn’t hurt. According to the report (via WDWNT), the service dog warns the female if she is on the verge of passing out. 

The females were divided. The owner of the service dog involved wasn’t sure if the kick as an accident or not. The other believed it was intentional, the report said (via WDWNT). 

The sheriff’s office and Disney Security couldn’t locate the male to question him. The sheriff’s deputy came to the conclusion that no crime was committed. 

“It should be noted the queueing area within the Space Mountain ride is dimly lit narrow passageway,” the report said (via WDWNT). “Due to the nature of the area where the incident occurred, lack of security cameras in the area, and (the woman’s) own statement that [the] kick could possibly have been unintentional, I find a lack of probable cause against the unknown male for Interference with or injury to a service animal.”

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