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Men in Black: Alien Attack Sign Currently Undergoing Refurbishment

Credit: WDWNT

The Men in Black: Alien Attack attraction sign is currently undergoing refurbishment in the World Expo portion of Universal Studios Florida

The refurbishment process is at a stage where guests can see through it. As the photos below, some of the construction walls that surrounded the sign have been removed as work continues.

The middle portion of the sign, which features the Men in Black logo along with Alien Attack, has been removed. The photos below show the sign without the middle portion.

The photo below shows what the sign looks like surrounded by construction walls, and with the middle portion still in place. 

At this time, there is no official reason for the sign’s refurbishment. We can assume it’s merely annual maintenance. 

Earlier this year, the Men in Black: Alien Attack restrooms were closed temporarily while the pavement around them and the attraction’s gift shop was being worked on. 

According to a thread comment on Inside Universal. there is a lot of work is being done to improve Men in Black: Alien Attack (stay tuned for possible updates). 

“Under the hood a lot of work is going into improving the ride vehicles and ride system. But it’s not something we’d really notice. I’m hoping one day they improve the scan animation projection for the bugs in the other car moment.”  

Alicia, Inside Universal

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