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WATCH: Halloween Horror Nights Scare Actor Assaulted at Universal Studios Hollywood [Update]


The assailant was allegedly banned and arrested. 

Watch the moment a Halloween Horror Nights scare actor is physically assaulted at Universal Studios Hollywood in the video below. 

Credit: @ExpAttractions (Twitter)

As you can see in the video above, the scare actor is quite literally knocked off his or her feet.

According to Twitter user @Spookstir666, this incident occurred on the Terror Tram featuring US & Nope. It’s unclear why the guest reacted like this.

At this time, the current status of the scare actor is unknown. Stay tuned for further updates as this is a developing story.

Guests, listen up. DON’T TOUCH THE SCARE ACTORS! They’re offering you a one-of-a-kind experience, and don’t deserve to be harassed or assaulted. 

Update: According to a tweet posted by Twitter user @_nattiiiii_, the guest attacked the scare actor because his girlfriend was too scared. You can read @_nattiiiii_ tweet in full below: 

“My friend was security that night and guy was mad because his gf got too scared by the scare actor. Even when my cops why come somewhere where you know you’ll be scared he just stood quiet. Gf tried fighting security too and bf started crying when got arrested.” 

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  1. A supervisor of that night reached out to me and said the scare actor broke his hand and may need surgery. The attacker’s girlfriend was never touched. I was live streaming this on TikTok and downloaded it afterwards. After making sure the scare actor was ok. We had to keep moving on with the trail. To which my mom and I ran into 2 sheriffs just standing around. We told them the situation and offered the video. Their response was, “there’s plenty of cameras. They’ll see it and find him”. They seemed uninterested. So it obviously didn’t sit well with us. So I made it a point to share the video which in turn helped the situation a great deal. Turns out that area has a lot of blind spots. This was extremely shocking and upsetting to see. I don’t understand this type of behavior. It really makes me and as I can see from many comments of others realize what scare actors really have to deal with while just trying to do their job!

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