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PHOTO REPORT: Universal Orlando 24/11/2022 (Universal Studios Florida and Universal’s Islands of Adventure) 


Orlando Theme Park Zone’s Josh headed down to Universal Orlando to check in on what’s new around the resort and we want you to tag along. With that being said, join us for our second photo report from both parks. 

Universal Studios Florida 

Work on the former Shrek 4-D show building continues. Wood panelling has been added to the frame (steel frame enclosed). The recently wood-panelled frame has been covered in yellow weather-proof sheeting. 

Work continues on the closed Universal Studios Classic Monsters Cafe. Bone Chillin’ Stand has been completely removed. A minions cafe is rumoured to replace it.

The Holiday Tribute Store at Universal Studios Florida is very much up and running! The seasonal store is modelled after a New York department store during the holidays.  

Universal Orlando creatives decided on a concept that matched its surrounding. The store is located in the New York section of the park, across from Race Through New York Starring Jimmy Fallon. 

Following the Woody Woodpecker’s KidZone announcement, Josh went and captured photos of Universal Studios Florida section before it closes in two months’ time. 

Stay tuned for more detailed Woody Woodpecker’s Kidzone article.

Universal’s Islands of Adventure

Let’s head over to a wet Universal’s Islands of Adventure. Here’s a few shots of Islands of Adventure Josh captured. 

Construction walls remain erected at the front of the park. Themed scanners are likely being installed (find out more here).

Here come more photos of walls! Construction walls remain erected in Toon Lagoon and Marvel Super Hero Island. Refurbishments in both lands continue. 

A tarp covering a hole in the side of the Jurassic Park River Adventure show building has been repaired. The tarp was ripped by Hurricane Nicole (find out more here).

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Stay tuned to Orlando Theme Park Zone for more Orlando theme park-related news and information. And remember, stay tuned for more Universal Orlando photo reports! 

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