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DISCUSS: Funniest Thing You Have Seen Happen at Universal Orlando Theme Parks?


In a thread on Reddit, fans shared the funniest things they have seen happen at the Universal Orlando theme parks. 

FYI: This discussion took place on the fan-run Universal Orlando Resort community page of the social media platform. 

Three days ago, user u/5withRyanandDallas started the thread titled ‘What’s the funniest thing you’ve ever witnessed at the parks?’

Some of the stories shared in the thread are priceless. You can read a number of them below: 

u/gypsyhead: “Getting in line for Hagrid’s and a Team Member made eye contact with me and then yelled out (very flamboyantly) “Say hi to David for me!” I figured out pretty quickly he was saying it because I was wearing a Rose Apothecary shirt (Schitt’s Creek) so I answered and kept going. Once we get out of earshot my husband (David) whispers to me “Do we know him? Seriously, how did he know my name and why did he not just say hi himself?!” We laugh every time we see Apothecary [merchandise] now.”

u/Hunter-of-the-Abyss: “My personal favorite was at Halloween Horror Nights listening to a guy confidently tell his girlfriend that all the scareactors’ physical effects makeup was all done by CGI.”

u/vschultz7873: “Hot day in June of 2016 and my sister was already crabby. We were taking a break sitting on a ledge when a group of teenagers walked the path in front of us. Suddenly and randomly one of the guys turned and farted on my sister before proceeding to walk by. Naturally, my other sister and I burst out laughing, the sister who got farted on yelled “what the hell” and the farter’s friends started scolding him confused with his decision to fart on a stranger. I will never forget it haha.” 

u/ndogggydog23: “Last Halloween Horror Nights when a fight broke out cuz someone skipped the line for a vendor near my work when I was working. it was during my break I’m upset I didn’t get to witness it but in the video, one girl just started punching a girl for seemingly no reason, they weren’t in the fight till that point she was just standing there lol.”

u/3point14purr: “A little girl after exiting Twister and asking how it was nighttime at Twister but daytime outside.” 

u/brewgirl68: “I was at Universal’s Mardi Gras today. There was a maybe 65-year-old lady showing her boobs to get beads. Every single float – another flash. 1.) At least she had a bra on. But still. 2.) She also had no teeth.”

u/the12thmxn: “One time when I rode The Mummy, at the end when it has the interviews, as soon as Brendan Fraser said the coffee line, the woman behind me turned to her friend and said, “Wow, he seems like an absolute nightmare.” 

Acronym Glossary

Hagrid’sHagrid’s Magical Creatures Motorbike Adventure
The Mummy Revenge of the Mummy
TwisterTwister…Ride It Out

You can read the rest of the active thread here. DO IT! You won’t regret it. 

With that being said, what’s the funniest thing you have seen happen at the Universal Orlando theme parks? Let us know in the comments below. 

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