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10 Haunted Houses We’d Like to See at Halloween Horror Nights 31 


It may be a fair while off, however, we’re already thinking about Halloween Horror Nights 31 (HHN 31) at Universal Studios Florida. 

What are we thinking you may ask? Well, we’re thinking about the haunted houses, scarezones, and shows that could be a part of HHN 31. 

Listed below are the ten haunted houses, scarezones, and shows we’d like to see at Halloween Horror Nights 31.  

Haunted Houses

KEY: Intellectual Property-based Haunted House – IP, Original Haunted House – Original

  • Hitchcock Presents (IP)
  • Scream (IP)
  • Hellraiser (IP)
  • Gremlins (IP)
  • Halloween Ends (IP)
  • Silver Screams (Original)
  • Poison Prison (Original)
  • Spirit Seekers (Original)
  • Hell House LLC (Original, based on independent movie)
  • Classic Universal Monsters*

*Returning house following previous success.


  • Night of the Dead
  • Nuclear Warfare
  • Wrath of Gods
  • Devilish Delights
  • Frank’s DrIvE-IN


  • Halloween Horror Nights: Marathon of Mayhem 
  • Story-based Universal Orlando’s Horror Make-Up Show

Let us know what you think about our suggestions in the comments below. Stay tuned to further HHN 31 coverage.

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  1. Oh MY GOD HELLRAISER IS MY DREAM License IP!!! (Never heard any those other licenses houses expect as Halloween ends) Scarezones sounds cool too such as Nuclear Warfare. Imagine if Doug Bradly doing voice lines for Pinhead known as The leader of the Cenobites!

  2. Hellraiser is defiantly my dream license house known as IP! (Never heard the other licensing houses expect Halloween Ends) Scarezones sounds amazing too! Nuclear Warfare sounds a perfect fit for hhn as a scarezone!!! Would be cool if Doug Bradly did some voice lines on Pinhead Leader of The Cenobites.

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