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Guest’s Vehicle Broken Into at Disney Springs


According to Inside The Magic, a guest’s vehicle was broken into at Disney Springs whilst they were visiting the shopping, dining, and entertainment complex.

This incident came to the established outlet’s attention when they saw a post by the guest involved, named Celtzin L, in what we can assume is a Walt Disney World-related Facebook group.

You can read what Celtzin posted in the Facebook group via Inside The Magic in full below: 

“We just got broken into at Disney Springs if anyone has info pls let me know. All of it was designer stuff. Please no hate comments my mom and I are already crushed enough. This happened sometime between 4pm – 6pm. EDIT: the police and security are saying no cameras at all. We parked at the very first parking spot of Lime garage. Where all the cars enter and no one report it.”

Celtzin L (via Inside The Magic)

As well as posting the above information, Celtzin also posted two photos of the broken into vehicle. You can find both posted images via the established outlet below: 

As explained in the post, the guest’s vehicle was parked in the Lime Parking Garage at Disney Springs when the robbery occurred.

The guest claims a lot of “designer stuff” they purchased was stolen, and authorities said no surveillance cameras caught the incident on camera. 

Finally, the guest alleges that the incident happened between 4:00pm and 6:00pm (EST). 

At this time, we do not know the outcome of the situation. However, we will update this article when new information comes to light. 

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