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Hogwarts Express at Universal Orlando to Remain Closed for Rest of Week [Update]


Original Article: The Hogwarts Express at Universal Orlando is closed for the third day in a row

According to WDWNT, Team Members are telling guests it will be closed for the week and potentially into next week. 

A contributor for the established outlet spoke to a Team Member at the King’s Cross Station in Universal Studios Florida, who said it would be closed until at least Saturday and maybe beyond that. 

The reason for its closure is still unknown: 

“Despite what the sign outside the station [see below] says, this does not seem to have been a planned maintenance closure. It’s possible that a part for the train unexpectedly broke and is being shipped.”

Shannen Michaelsen, WDWNT
Credit: WDWNT


Update: According to WDWNT, the attraction will likely be closed for another full week due to an issue with the pull cable.

Whilst it looks like a train from where you stand on Platform 9 & 3/4, the Hogwarts Express actually operates more like a cable car. the entire pull cable needs to be replace, so Universal has to wait for parts to arrive and install them. No reopening date is available at this time. 

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