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Fans Discuss Lands and Size of Universal’s Epic Universe


In a recent thread on Reddit, fans discussed the lands and size of Universal Orlando’s upcoming theme park, Epic Universe. 

FYI: The discussion took place on the fan-run Universal Orlando Resort community page of the social media platform.

User u/MovieFanZ5026 started the discussion/thread titled ‘Size of Epic Universe and Lands’ with the following: 

“So I might be wrong on this but from what I heard, epic universe is supposed to be 1.5/2 times the size of universal and IOA put together. If there are only four lands in that big of a space, I worry that they are limiting themselves. Do you agree with my assessment? Do you think there are more lands than what has been rumored? Do you think four lands is enough to start out a brand new park? I just feel like you could still have big enough areas and incorporate at least six or seven lands.”

Some of the replies to this subject are great to read. You can read a few replies from other Universal Orlando fans below: 

u/DJSTR3AM: “There are four lands, one huge hub area, one dueling coaster, one hotel, and three major plots of land for future expansion (one beside Nintendo, one beside Harry Potter, one behind Universal Monsters). Plus if I remember correctly they also own more land beyond the parking lot, and also on the other side of the new road. It’ll be fine.” 

u/der_innkeeper: “Having 4 spread out areas may be giving themselves room to expand. Yeah, there is a lot of land, but holding some in reserve may be smart. Doing a slow burn to get things in may keep people interested. Also, universal is landlocked. They don’t have room to control their own destiny like WDW.”

u/Psychology_Salty: “I think more lands would be great and there is room but Universal is running out of IPs to use. Some non-ip sections would be really cool.”

You can follow/read the thread here. This post will be updated in due course as more fans participate in the discussion.

Since none have been officially announced, what lands would you like Universal’s Epic Universe to have? Let us know in the comments below. 

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