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Fans Discuss Queue Jumpers at Walt Disney World


Queue jumpers jump the line, line jumpers cross the line. For our American readers, queue is a British term. 

In a thread on Reddit, fans discussed queue jumpers at Walt Disney World and what their punishment should be. 

FYI: The discussion took place on the fan-run Disney World community page of the social media platform.

User u/NABDad started the discussion/thread titled ‘Line Jumpers’ with the following: 

“What’s a fair punishment for people who cut in line at Disney World?” 

Some of the replies to this subject are fascinating, several include punishment ideas and experiences. You can read a number of the replies below: 

u/rodimus99: “Personally, I would kick them out of the park. We all pay a lot of money for our tickets. You can wait like everyone else.”

u/quotelation: “A fair punishment? I’d think being sent to the back of the line would be pretty fair.” 

u/stitchlover: “Report them to a CM.”

u/savdon: “When I was in line there was someone who was trying to get their friend in line with them (I usually don’t mind this because I understand people need to run to the restroom etc) but the CM (Cast Member) saw them and they did a great job. They pulled the person to the side of the line and let the line keep moving while they waited. So they didn’t lose their spot, but they also didn’t hold up the line while trying to flag down their other person. However, I do loathe when one person waits in line and once they get close the rest of their giant family comes to join. I never say anything though, I avoid the confrontation.” 

u/delinka: “We were there the week before Christmas, large group, couple scooters. My sister and one other person joined a see-the-princesses line, and a few strangers came in behind them before the rest of our group could also join the line. Sister is trying to convince 16 of us to pass 4 strangers in line. “How about you just let those folks past you – much easier.” Sis looks confused for half a second and goes “oh…” and lets them pass. Little common sense goes a long way.” 

u/CrosbyOwnsOvie: “There are some situations that are excusable, but some that are not. What I see, A LOT, is one family member running away from his group to get in line. Then I have to deal with 6 – 10 more people pushing past me to catch up. They always “have to get up there with my group!”, but why can’t the dolt that couldn’t wait for them to begin with go back to where THEY are? Just rude, entitled people.” 

u/BobbyA523: “One time I was waiting for Everest and a lady pushed past my group with a big expensive looking drink she just bought, needless to say she got what she deserved when she got to the front of the line and had to throw it away. We saw her arguing with the cast member about it when we got to the loading area.” 

u/SpeciaI-K (RE: South American tour groups); “I don’t know about this person’s troubles but like ten years ago I was in Disney in July. So it was SUPER hot and all the kids were off school so Disney was already busy. These South American tour groups were ALL OVER like at least four different camps (I assume they were a summer camp) groups I saw myself in these separate matching shirts (like a group in teal, a group in yellow, etc.). Each group had to have like twenty kids. So they had this AWFUL strategy that just made me so annoyed. You’d go to get [in] line and like two or three of the kids would be in front of you. Once you got reasonably through the line they would call up their friends or call out to them. They’d start chanting their camp song and like no less than fifteen kids would cut in front of you to get to their friends. WHILE CHANTING THIS STUPID SONG. They would actively push their ways through you too. And this wasn’t just once or twice it was on EVERY LINE for EVERY RIDE and sometimes quick service meal lines too. I swore after that I’d never NEVER do Disney in the summer again.”

You can read the rest of this thread here. We highly recommend that you check it out.

What’s the worst experience of queue jumping at Walt Disney World you’ve experienced? Let us know in the comments below. 

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