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Guest Arguing with Cast Member at Magic Kingdom Caught on Camera


A guest arguing with a Cast Member in Fantasyland at the Magic Kingdom was caught on camera and posted on TikTok yesterday. 

The video was originally posted by TikTok user @maddieisraddie, however, it was brought to our attention by Inside The Magic

You can watch the video posted by @maddieisraddie below: 

Credit: @maddieisraddie

As you can see in the video above, the guest involved seemed to be frustrated with the Cast Member.

Inside The Magic, who initially reported about the argument, cannot confirm what the argument was about. 

However, the guest can be heard talking about a “stroller”. So we can assume that was what the argument was about. 

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H/T Inside The Magic, Kenny the Pirate


  1. God bless those wonderful cast members. I love them all, and they are such an important part of the Magic…but you couldn’t pay me enough to take foolish crap lime that from miserable people like that.

  2. Having previously worked attractions at Disney, there is a specific area for “stroller parking” which has signs. However, people would abandon their stroller in the wrong spot, even after cast members tell them they can’t leave them there. Cast Members would even warn people after telling them that if they continue to leave, their stroller would be moved. When they came back, some people would be confrontational or aggressive about it. They are made well aware of the situation and this cast member is required, by his management, by the company, to do this task and does not deserve this type of abuse. This happens on a daily though and it really is unfortunate.

  3. Right? God I hate Karen’s! When people act like fools like that I wish it would be an automatic response to walk these people out of the park and say good-bye! These no need for that kind of behavior!

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