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Possible Ride Vehicle Design for Jurassic Park Roller Coaster Leaked


Twitter user @HuckelCommaSean may have just revealed the ride vehicle design for the still-unannounced Jurassic Park roller coaster at Universal’s Islands of Adventure.

Two raptor figures were recently positioned near the track of the upcoming roller coast. But, a third raptor figure arrived on the construction site of the coaster yesterday.

However, it would appear we may have our first look at the coaster’s ride vehicle itself. The images (seen below) were not released by Universal – instead, it’s claimed that they are from an art portfolio website belonging to artist Williams Silvers.

Accidental leaks like this have happened in the past; photos and video have since been removed from the website, however, a website designer accidently leaked look at Super Nintendo World in Japan.

As always, you have to take these images as they are: unofficial look at an attraction that hasn’t yet. While this isn’t an official post, it safe to suggest these images come from someone who worked on the project.

The first image of three offers a look at the ride vehicle for the unannounced coaster at Islands of Adventure. The other two images offer a look at a Mosasaur. This creature features a lot in Jurassic World.

Whilst the turns in the background don’t align with anything we’ve seen so far, it doesn’t mean this particular idea was scrapped. We’d be quite excited to see a mechanical Mosasaur in the lagoon!

Seen in the above photos, the coaster is near water for a majority of the second half of the coaster. This could mean that the Mosasaur may be placed in the water (aka Lagoon), waiting for the appropriate time pop out and scare guests.

Whilst it’s likely that the Mosasaur was replaced with the heartline role element, it could still be a possibly. We’re definitely going to be keeping a closer eye on the coaster’s construction progress, now that trackwork has been compete.

Based on the completed trackwork, the image below shows a completely different design. Guests would have soared high above the Jurassic Park Discovery Center, whereas now we see they dive low to avoid it.

The image that stands out the most to us is the one of the possible ride vehicle design (See Below). The menacing front includes unique blue lighting effects, and the colour scheme which matches the vehicles from the Jurassic World franchise.

Credit: @HuckelCommaSean (Twitter)

The resistant system appears to resemble the same used on The Incredible Hulk Coaster. Should this be the ride vehicle design, we absolutely love it!

What do you think of the possible ride vehicle design for the still-unannounced Jurassic Park roller coaster? Let us know in the comments below.

H/T Attractions Magazine

As with any kind of rumour, this information should be considered unofficial unless, and until, Universal Orlando Resort officially confirms.

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