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Woman Sues Universal Orlando Over Volcano Bay “Electrocution”


An Orlando woman is suing Universal’s Volcano Bay (VB), saying she was “electrocuted” on the day the water park experienced “technical issues” that sent several workers to hospital.

April Carlino’s lawsuit was filed on the 19th November, 2019, in the Ninth Judicial Circuit Court in Orange County. She is suing Universal Orlando for more than $15,000 plus interest and costs, and is requesting a jury trial.

Carlino says on the 2nd June, 2019, she was a “business invitee” to the park when she was “electrocuted” by a “malfunction in defendant’s electrical system.”

Carlino goes on to say Universal was negligent because it knew about the malfunction and failed to maintain safety, adequately train staff, or render aid after the incident.

Carlino finally says the shocks caused her pain, injury, scarring, and hospitalisation, among other conditions.

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) investigated the incident on the 2nd June but declined to cite Universal, saying the operator was unaware of the electrical problem.

On the above-mentioned date, five lifeguards were taken to a hospital after complaining of feeling electrical shocks while walking on wet surfaces at the water park.

Several guests complained of feeling tingling. VB shut down for the day.

According to a more than 300-page OSHA report on the incident, at least one employee  had called into a Department of Labor hotline to report that “there have been multiple reports of…possible electrocution,” and that they’d felt “tingling sensations in their legs.”

The call transcript says that “this condition has previously been brought to the attention” of Universal Orlando.

A Universal spokesman said in the days after the incident, they’d tested their electrical system across VB and made repairs/modifications.

“We believe this problem is resolved and that our park is safe,” spokesman Tom Schroder stated at the time.

Source: Spectrum News 13

WESH 2 News are reporting that Universal are saying the Orlando Woman is at fault:

“In a response to the lawsuit filed in mid-December, Universal blamed Carlino, claiming that she hadn’t used “reasonable care for her own safety.”

Universal also claimed that it did not know about the electrical problems that caused people to be shocked, so it had no duty to warn people about any dangers.

The response from Universal did not say how Carlino was supposed to have known she would be shocked”

Just to clarify, we cannot confirm or deny Universal said that. We’re reporting what WESH have reported.

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