Tuesday, February 18, 2020

Universal's Volcano Bay

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Universal's Volcano Bay category of Orlando Theme Park Zone. Universal Orlando Resort parent category.

Universal Will Not Be Cited for Electric Shocks at Volcano Bay

According to an OSHA report, Universal Orlando will not be cited for electrical issues that caused lifeguards and guests to get shocked...

New York Man Sues NBCUniversal Over “Unlimited” Refillable Souvenir Cup at Universal Orlando

A New York man is suing NBCUniversal after he purchased an “unlimited” refill cup at Universal Orlando to find that he was limited to 1 refill every 10 minutes or 6 refills an hour.

Lawsuit Claims New York Man Paralysed after Riding Punga Racers at Universal’s Volcano Bay

A New York man is suing Universal, claiming he was paralysed after going down a water slide at Universal’s Volcano Bay this summer, a lawsuit filed earlier this month claims.
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