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Ice Breaker; SeaWorld Orlando’s New Launch Roller Coaster


This will be the park’s 6th roller coaster.

At a joint press conference with Busch Gardens Tampa Bay1 this morning, SeaWorld Orlando announced their brand-new launch coaster, Ice Breaker.

Ice Breaker will be the park’s first launch coaster, launching not only once (1) but four (4) times.

The first launch will take guests riding up a staggering, 93-foot tall vertical spike, with a 100-degree, beyond vertical drop…

…Essentially making Ice Breaker the steepest roller coaster in all of Florida.

Guests riding will also face an 80-foot top hat, and twists and turns throughout the 90-second experience.

Ice Breaker will be situated near SeaWorld’s Wild Artic attraction/exhibit. Essentially sharing the same theme; promoting conservation issues relating to the Artic and the ocean.

Ice Breaker will have a height requirement of just 48” and reach speeds of 52-mph. SeaWorld is calling Ice Breaker a family-thrill attraction.

Credit: SeaWorld Parks & Entertainment

Ice Breaker is set to #BreakTheIce sometime in 2020. Stay tuned to Orlando Theme Park Zone for updates on the construction of the coaster.

1: An article on Busch Gardens Tampa Bay’s announcement will be produced in due course.


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