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Coming in 2020! Busch Gardens Tampa Bay Announces Iron Gwazi


This will be the park’s 10th roller coaster. It would appear Iron Gwazi draws its inspiration from a crocodile – above concept art illustrates that theroy.

Busch Gardens Tampa Bay revealed back in March that Gwazi, the pair of (former) wooden coasters would be converted and transform into the world’s steepest and fastest hybrid coaster.

Whilst the coaster is currently under construction/conversion, a name has been revealed for what Gwazi will essentially become; Iron Gwazi.

Credit: Coaster 101

With a 91-degree drop, top seed of 76mph and standing at 206 feet tall, this coaster will be the tallest hybrid coaster in North America…It will also be the fastest and steepest in the world, just saying!

With a 48” height requirement, it’s suffice to suggest that Iron Gwazi will be a family-thrill attraction. Iron Gwazi will surface, just like a crocodile, in 2020. Stay tuned to Orlando Theme Park Zone for updates on the construction of the coaster.

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