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Pipeline Surf Coaster Ride Vehicle Unveiled at IAAPA [Update]

Credit: Dewayne Bevil

SeaWorld Orlando has unveiled the ride vehicle for the upcoming Pipeline Surf Coaster. The surf-themed coaster was part of the first news conference of this year’s IAAPA Expo.

The ride vehicle on display is the front part of the surf coaster’s train. As the photos below show, the vehicle has a surfboard nose with dark orange markings.

As you can see in the photos above, the elements of the vehicle, including the seat, are aqua and orange-colored.

Everything you need to know about Pipeline can be found here. Construction on the upcoming surf coaster is well underway. Aerial photo updates can be found below: 

When it opens, Pipeline will be SeaWorld Orlando’s seventh roller coaster. They opened their sixth coaster, Icebreaker, earlier this year. 

Update: More photos and video from the unveiling can be found below:

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