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New Aerial Photos of Universal Orlando [Part #2]


It’s been a while since we’ve written about this photographer’s amazing work. 

Last week, Twitter user @bioreconstruct posted a number of new and detailed aerial photos of Universal Orlando. 

With that being said, let’s take a look at @bioreconstruct’s new aerial photos of Universal Orlando including the resort’s hotels. 

PLEASE NOTE: Original captions for the photos will be provided (find at the bottom of the article). This will allow you, the reader, to know what you’re looking at. Additionally, click on the image to enlarge it. 

Universal Studios Florida

Universal’s Islands of Adventure

Universal Orlando Resort Hotels

Photo Captions

Universal Studios Florida

  • Image #1: Aerial overview of 3 projects in Universal Studios Florida.
    • 1: Repaving
    • 2: Minions theme seems to be replacing Classic Monsters at a quick-service restaurant.
    • 3: Minions attraction at former Shrek 4-D.
  • Image #2: Aerial overview of Universal Studios Florida.
  • Image #3: Aerial overview of Universal Studios Florida.

Universal’s Islands of Adventure

  • Image #4: Aerial overview of Islands of Adventure.
  • Image #5: Aerial photo of The Incredible Hulk.

Universal Orlando Resort Hotels

  • Image #6: Aerial photo of Hard Rock Hotel.
  • Image #7: Aerial photo of Sapphire Falls Resort and Aventura Hotel. Arrow at a City of Orlando pedestrian bridge over Adventure Way. Lushly landscaped with trees and shrubs. 
  • Image #8: Aerial look at Universal’s Surfside Inn and Dockside Inn.

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