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Universal Orlando Team Member Praised for Unforgettable Pre-Ride Experience 


In a post on the Men in Black 900 Club Facebook group*, members praised a Universal Orlando Team Member who continuously offers an unforgettable experience before guests ride Men in Black: Alien Attack at Universal Studios Florida

Initially, a post about the Team Member was posted in the Universal Studios & Islands of Adventure Junkies Facebook group. However, member Clint Myer took a screenshot of it and posted it in the Men in Black 900 Club Facebook group.

Myer’s screenshot can be found below:

Credit: Clint Myer

The Team Member, also known as Agent R or Rick Hunter, was praised in every comment of the above post for his efforts. You can read several of the comments made below: 

Philip Rossman-Reich: “Rick is the best! I always took pride in my elevator shows in the short time I was there.”

Yeilarie Berrios-Martinez: “We absolutely love him!!! He always makes my daughter laugh. He will hide around corners and just make it all more interactive.”

Bruce Brandt: “Rick doing the reshow is the thing that will get us out of the express line just to watch the interactions. The best of the best. The rest of us can only aspire.” 

Paige Prather: “Agent R has always kept us entertained! During the days of Covid distancing the dance moves were impeccable and always put a smile on our faces.” 

Rick Hunter (The above and beyond Team Member): “And people wonder why I love my job. Please see above. I love all the quest interactions and fun that I have. Thank you all and thank [you] Clint for posting this…” 

Keep up the amazing work Agent R! We absolutely love writing about Team Members like you!

*FYI: Men in Black 900 Club – Men in Black Universal Orlando is a group dedicated to the fan favourite Universal Studios Florida attraction.

Has Agent R ever made your Men in Black Alien Attack pre-ride experience memorable? Let us know in the comments below. 

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