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Guest Collision at EPCOT Lands Older Woman in Hospital

Jennifer K via Inside The Magic

Earlier this month, an incident occurred at EPCOT, which ended up in one guest needing medical attention: an older woman. Initially reported by Inside The Magic, witness Jennifer K told the established outlet the following: 

“We were looking at the flower and garden kiosk in front of the American pavilion walkway and a man pushed between my son and another woman. The two of them collided and they both rolled over each other.”

Jennifer K via Inside The Magic

Jennifer went on to say that the woman’s food and phone flew out of her hand, and she hit her head hard on the pavement. The man who caused the accident reportedly got back up and walked away, leaving the older woman on the ground motionless. 

Other guests within the vicinity reportedly called for medical attention, and a Cast Member told Jennifer that the older woman was taken to the hospital and was in a stable condition. At this time, we cannot confirm her condition or whether she has been released.

The Walt Disney World theme parks have been extremely busy and look to be even more so as Spring Break has officially started. Larger crowds mixed with the increased need for guests to check their phones for mobile ordering and to check Disney Genie and Lightning Lane availability can result in more unfortunate collisions like the one mentioned above. 

“So many people are on their between [Genie], Genie+, [and] mobile ordering. It scares me for the future of the park[s] as more and more things become reliant on mobile apps.”

Jennifer K via Inside The Magic

Taken by Jennifer, the photo below shows how busy EPCOT was on the day of the incident, 2nd March, 2022. 

Credit: Jennifer K via Inside The Magic

As you can see in the above image, the line for Living with the Land was crazy long. Stay tuned for further updates, as we hope to find out how the injured woman is doing. 

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H/T Inside The Magic, Disney Fanatic 

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