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WATCH: Torrential Rain Floods Disney’s Hollywood Studios and EPCOT


Heavy rain transformed Disney’s Hollywood Studios’ main street into a small water play area last night. 

Hollywood Boulevard, the main street of Hollywood Studios, flooded and guests were left walking through shin-deep water. 

TikTok user @PagingMrMorrow posted a video which offers a look at what guests had to deal with last night. You can watch the video he posted below: 

Credit: @PagingMrMorrow – Nice to see guests having a great time to be fair.

We’ve seen some wild floods at Walt Disney World before. Tomorrowland at the Magic Kingdom is prone to flooding even in a smaller storm. However, we’ve never seen flooding on this scale at Disney’s Hollywood Studios before. 

EPCOT also had its share of flooding last night. Twitter user @ScottGustin posted the EPCOT flood-related video below: 

As the video below shows, the parking lot of Disney’s Yacht Club Resort was also flooded. 

Credit: @MadAbtDisney (Twitter)

For your viewing pleasure, more videos from last night can be found below:

Disney’s Hollywood Studios

Credit: @wdwkelly (Twitter)
Credit: @BarclayTWillia1 (Twitter)
Credit: @SaraThornton1 (Twitter)
Credit: @SaraThornton1 (Twitter)
Credit: @ed_holmstrom (Twitter)


Credit: @AraWagcou (Twitter)
Credit: @MichaelPechar (Twitter)

Guests will be talking about getting caught in this weather event for years to come. It’s definitely one of those unforgettable moments. 

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