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Guest Suffers Significant Medical Emergency on Magic Kingdom Ferry Boat 


According to Inside The Magic, a guest suffered a serious medical emergency when he went into cardiac arrest whilst onboard the Magic Kingdom ferry boat this past Friday evening. 

Another guest onboard, who was a medically trained professional, was able to assist the seriously ill guest. You can read what the guest told the established outlet about the emergency situation in full below: 

“When I reached the gentleman, he was still breathing, but really we needed to assist respirations with a bag value mask, and none was was available (or if it was, staff was not aware of it or its location). When he lost pulses and we started compressions, it took far too many minutes before an employee was able to locate and bring us the AED (Automated External Defibrillator) to shock his heart (this should have been within a 60-second reach on a boat, and should have been brought to his side immediately when he collapsed, well before we lost pulses.)” 

Inside The Magic

In relation to the Cast Members involved in the medical emergency (including locating equipment), the guest told Inside The Magic the following:

“While I recognise that the ferry is quite possibly one of the worst places in the park to suffer a significant medical emergency, I do think that having basic medical equipment, is of tantamount importance. This gentleman was very lucky that multiple experienced medical personnel were aboard at the time of his arrest.” 

Inside The Magic

The guest told the established outlet that the seriously ill guest’s wife had revealed her husband had been suffering from chest pain moments before his cardiac arrest. Paramedics boarded the ferry boat around 15 minutes after the guest collapsed, the guest said.

“I hope the staff that helped respond to this were able to debrief from a traumatic event that fortunately ended in the return of pulses for the patient.” 

At this time, we do not know the condition of the guest who suffered the cardiac arrest. However, our thoughts and wishes go to him and his wife. Stay tuned for further updates.

We hope that Walt Disney World recognises the amazing job the trained medical personnel did to save the guest’s life. 

Stay tuned to Orlando Theme Park Zone for more Orlando theme park-related news and information. 

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