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Fans Discuss Future Universal Orlando Attractions 


In a recent thread on Reddit, fans discussed future attractions that could be coming to Universal Orlando.

FYI: The discussion took place on the fan-run Universal Orlando Resort community page of the social media platform. 

Four days ago, User u/Hadesman1 started the thread titled ‘Universal promised 1 new attraction a year, we got Bourne, Hagrids, and now VelociCoaster, what’s next?’ 

Some of the replies to this question are interesting to read. You can read a number of them below: 

u/JayMunOne: “Poseidon’s Fury: Even More Pissed Off” 

u/tylersixxfive: “I mean they are building a whole new theme park. But they have said this year there wouldn’t be a new attraction per say but we do have the refurb of the Mummy coming at the end of the summer and the Minions attraction going in Shrek I’d imagine will be open for summer next year”

u/friscojacks_: “If you watch the Making of Velocicoaster video at the end they say something like…” and now we move onto something Epic”…pretty much confirms that EU will be the focus for the next couple of years, could possibly be why there’s been so much new stuff in the original parks over the last couple of years.”

u/Speedify: “This year is the CityWalk escape rooms that haven’t been announced, next year is the Minion walkway attraction, and possibly a new HP attraction where FFL is in 2024 (The attraction that was going there has been moved so who knows if they’ll build anything there) then EU in 2025.”

u/Tezlaract: “I’m not expecting anything ‘new’ in 2022, probably P.Fury return, and Mummy return, but that’s nothing new. Maybe Minions stand through will make it late in the year, but I’d be surprised.”

u/GladiatorDragon: “The Minions moving walkway attraction likely won’t take a ton of time, especially if they move quickly. Additionally, refurbishments of Mummy and Poseidon’s Fury will be cool once they finish up.”

Acronym Glossary

Bourne The Bourne Stuntacular
Hagrids Hagrid’s Magical Creatures Motorbike Adventure
VelocicoasterJurassic World VelociCoaster
MummyRevenge of the Mummy
FFLFear Factor Live
P.Fury Poseidon’s Fury
EUEpic Universe
Shrek Shrek 4-D

You can read the rest of the thread here

What attraction would you like to see come to Universal Orlando next? Would you rather wait for Epic Universe to open instead? Let us know in the comments below. 

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