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Shrek 4-D Was Supposedly Haunted by Ghost of Alfred Hitchcock


According to HHNU (including readers), the now-closed Shrek 4-D at Universal Studios Florida was supposedly haunted by the ghost of Alfred Hitchcock. 

The Halloween Horror Nights website perfectly describes who and why it was Alfred Hitchcock. You can read their detailed article here

ICYDK: Before Shrek 4-D opened, the building used to house the Alfred Hitchcock: The Art of Making Movies attraction, which opened with Universal Studios Florida in 1990.

So why does the legendary director supposedly haunt the now-closed attraction’s building?

Well, after reaching out on social media, HHNU received a number of responses relating to ghoulish goings-on. You can read four of them below:

Response #1: “I’ve worked there in [2006]. Two coworkers of mine had run-ins with Mr Hitchcock on the first theater. Doors have shut on them on their own accord, lights went off…” 

Response #2: “Yes, the place is literally haunted by Alfred. His spirit walks that soundstage and he is not happy the ogre replaced his beloved attraction. The weirdest experience I had was one evening we were waving the last group out the door and as I walked back the Pinocchio animatronic started to rapidly kick his legs and then it stopped. The room was deathly silent and then that, it was very strange.”

Response #3: “Just wanted to say if any if y’all want an Alfred Hitchcock house just work at Shrek. Believe me he haunts the heck out of that place! Also the second theatre of Shrek has officially closed for the year and Team Members aren’t allowed in so the house construction in there has [begun]. (It also didn’t make Alfred too happy…he broke our first theater in revenge the first day it went down). We have to say hi to Alfred every morning or he gets angry and stuff will go wrong. In the ride-throughs in the morning there’s quite often a seat in the back row that will go down and when the show finishes it’ll go back. All the Team Members there know it aha.” 

Response #4: “Lights going out, doors opening unexpectedly, weird bangs and that spooky back row. Shrek ain’t got nothing on Sir Hitchcock!” 

Whatever replaces Shrek 4-D, it will be interesting to see if Alfred will welcome the building’s new occupant.  

Do you believe the master of suspense haunts the building? Let us know in the comments below. 



  1. As someone who worked at Shrek 4D , it’s an old building yes… but we don’t say hi to it every day lol 😂 the back row seats are just janky. They haven’t replaced the seats like ever.. barely cleaned them. So honestly the theater two ghost is just fun rumors we share as team members .. I believe I ghosts but it’s not really a thing. It’s creepy walking backstage in the theaters corridors and empty theaters … but it’s honestly not real lol 😂 whoever wrote this is full of crap. We don’t say hi to him every day haha

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