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Men Arrested After Stealing 30 Catalytic Converters from Universal Orlando Hotel Parking Lot 


According to the Orlando Police Department (OPD), two 19-year-old men were arrested Sunday after stealing 30 catalytic converters from a Universal Orlando hotel* parking lot. 

*According to Inside The Magic, the converters were stolen from cars parked in the Universal’s Endless Summer Resort – Dockside Inn and Suites parking lot. However, we cannot confirm that at this time.

Court records show Terance Elder and Jose Antonio Martinez were arrested and face charges of third-degree grand theft and criminal mischief. OPD said both men are from outside of Florida. 

OPD received a call on Sunday about two men removing converters from vehicles in a hotel parking lot. The pair were able to remove them in under two minutes, and in one instance about 40 seconds. 

Surveillance footage of the hotel’s parking lot shows the suspects arriving in a black SUV. One suspect can be seen exiting, grabbing a tool and then removing a converter, whilst the other suspect waited in the vehicle. 

Within several hours of the initial call, officers were able to identify the suspects’ getaway car and what hotel room they were staying in with the converters. 

The photo below shows the converters on the bed of the hotel room the suspects were staying in.

Credit: Orlando Police Department

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H/T Orlando Sentinel 

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