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Delve Into Hidden Easter Eggs at Universal Studios Florida


It’s fair to say there’s an endless supply of entertaining easter eggs to spot at Universal Studios Florida. With that being said, let’s delve into a handful of them, starting with Men in Black: Alien Attack.

When walking through Men in Black: Alien Attack’s queue, you would never have thought to try the door handles of what appears to be doors which lead to backstage areas of the ride.

However, “jiggling” the door handles for rooms “Fingerprint Removal” and “Oxygen-Free Zone” will set off special effects that were hidden by the designers of the ride.  

Whilst waiting in the queue for Revenge of the Mummy, you can frighten other waiting riders by hitting a scarab beetle-shaped touch point under a surveillance camera monitor,

Hitting the touch point will send a blast of air firing towards riders on the bridge. Listen carefully for the faint sound of their screams over the creepy background music.

Evan before entering the queue of Revenge of the Mummy, you’ll spot a huge door laying against the wall near the entrance of the ride. The door was initially used a piece of the set for the Museum of Antiquities in the 1999 movie, The Mummy.  

Credit: Orlando Park Stop

If you look inside the pineapple in the SpongeBob StorePants gift shop, you’ll find Gary the Snail chilling to the beat of Stadium Rave under some cool lighting. It’s a great photo spot!

Head to Moe’s Tavern in the Springfield portion of the park and try your luck with the Love Tester, as seen originally in The Simpsons episode Flaming Moe’s.

There are many hidden easter eggs to find around the park, including a variety of forest friends in the queue of E.T. Adventure.

You can find more examples of hidden Universal Studios Florida easter eggs in the video below.

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