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Small Fire Reported at Disney’s Boardwalk Resort


Original Article: According to Blog Mickey, there was a small fire at Disney’s Boardwalk Resort this morning. The fire has since been extinguished.

The fire reportedly happened in a single room, but may have impacted multiple rooms after guests were evacuated.

At this time, the cause of the fire is unknown. However, the situation appears to be contained and impacted guests are being relocated.

According to the established outlet, only the Disney Vacation Club part of the resort is open.

This news was initially reported by Blog Mickey.

FYI: It’s fair to suggest the fire happened at the Disney Boardwalk Inn Resort.

Update: Twitter user @shanedb86 posted a photo of the emergency vehicles that responded to the incident. See below:

The Twitter user then shared the following details:

@shanedb86 also posted two videos:

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