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Universal Orlando Resort “Reinstating Finger-Scan Process” at Park Entrances


Universal Orlando Resort have confirmed, via Twitter, that they will be “reinstating the finger-scan process” for guests prior to their entry to the Universal Orlando theme parks.

Initially, guests would have a park ticket scanned and skip the high-touch finger-scan (biometric) process before entering a Universal Orlando park.

Reportedly if guests feel uncomfortable using the finger scanners, they can opt out the finger-scan, and continue with aforementioned process.

The reason for the reinstating of the finger scanners is unclear, however we can assume it’s due to the influx of crowds visiting the parks.  

Universal Orlando has made it clear that they will be sanitising the scanner in between each travel party as well as providing hand sanitiser to guests before entering the parks.

Testing of the above-mentioned process can be found in the video below:

What do you make of the finger scanners return? Will you be using them? Let us know in the comments below!

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H/T AllEars.Net, Universal Orlando (Twitter), WDWNT


  1. I refused to use it. Bc they were literally using the same cloth to wipe it every time so doesn’t seem to be cleaned to me..

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