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Disney’s Grand Floridian Society Orchestra Say They’re Done After 32 Years [Update]


Original Article: Yesterday afternoon, Disney’s Grand Floridian Society Orchestra revealed that after playing for 32 years at Walt Disney World its last day would be on the 3rd October.

“It’s hard to find the words but, sadly, our days at the Grand Floridian are over,” the orchestra posted on its official Facebook page. “In fact, as of Oct 3, 2020, our days at WDW will come to an end as well.”

The resort where the orchestra generally played, Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort & Spa, had been closed for several months but reopened last week.

Last month, following months of furlough, Disney rebranded the ensemble as the Disney Society Orchestra and moved the musicians to the Hollywood Studios theater which used to house Beauty and the Beast – Live on Stage. The musicians played several short shows of Disney music each day that ended with appearances by Beauty and the Beast characters.

The orchestra’s statement revealed that musicians were notified two weeks ago that the 3rd October would be their very final day of work.

“So after 32 years of playing together and playing music we love…we’re done,” the statement said. “We’re are so thankful for the opportunity to play in a beautiful setting for the hotel guests and friends we have met & made over the years. We’ll never forget you and how wonderful you’ve made us feel.”

Fans of the orchestra expressed anger and dismay as the news spread quickly on social media. Since the statement was posted, 18 hours ago, it has been shared almost two thousand times – hundreds of comments were posted.  

The Grand Floridian Society Orchestra statement did include a small glimmery of hope: “As we all know, these are very uncertain times and can’t say what will happen from one day to the next.”

“Thank you, thank you, [and] thank you,” the statement ended on. Read the statement in full below:

H/T Disney’s Grand Floridian Society Orchestra Facebook Page, Orlando Sentinel

Update: In an email from Geoffrey Kiser, Executive Correspondence Specialist for Walt Disney World Resort, Disney has released the following statement regarding the end of the orchestra:

“As you may know, we are always evaluating and refining our offerings and creating new ideas to build upon Disney stories. This philosophy is in keeping with Walt Disney’s vision for continuing to grow and evolve, giving Guests a mixture of familiar and new experiences with each visit. In alignment with this philosophy, we have made the decision to end the limited-time run of the Disney Society Orchestra and Friends this fall with their last performance being on Saturday October 3rd, 2020. We apologise for any disappointment that this may cause you and please be assured that we have shared all of your feedback with the appropriate Executive Leadership Teams.”

What do you make of the statement? Let us know in the comments below.

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  1. Not happy about orchestra ending at Grand Floridian. It was the main attraction in the lobby that made the grand.

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