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Disneyland Cancels Reservations Through 3rd October


Disneyland has started to send out cancellation emails to guests who have reservations through the 3rd October.

As Disneyland waits for the state of California’s approval to reopen, the resort has once again started to send out emails to guests who had visits booked through the 3rd October.

Disney is asking guests to either cancel or alter their resort reservation for a later date. 

The cancellations come in midst of what has turned into a public back and forth conversation between Disneyland and the state of California.

Disneyland President Ken Potrock heaped some very public pressure to California Governor Gavin Newsom by releasing a statement saying that Disneyland is “disappointed with the state’s lack of progress” in providing a reopening or even some guidance as to a timeline for reopening. The Disneyland Resort President went on to say they are ready and willing to accelerate discussions with the governor in an attempt to make “real progress” towards the reopening.

Governor Newsom has repeatedly teased a reopening announcement as weeks slip away and tens of thousands of Cast Members lives which remain impacted by the closure of the resort’s theme parks and hotels. In a press conference which took place right as Potrock put out a statement criticizing the state’s lack of action, Newsom said that the state of California is “very very” close to making an announcement, something he’s said in the past without any details etc.

Internally, Disneyland was targeting a late September reopening, however that has on the face of it slipped away as a result of the Governor’s inaction – failing to have any sort of significant conversations with Disneyland officials.

Stay tuned to Orlando Theme Park Zone for further updates on this developing story.  

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