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Social Distancing Concerns Addressed By Universal Orlando Passholders


Update: Further Facebook posts including response from Universal Orlando:

Original Article: Some irritated Universal Orlando Annual Passholders (UOAP) took to social media Saturday, 9th August, to voice their concerns about social distancing at the parks; or the lack if it this past weekend.

UOAP’s were frustrated and even complained of overcrowding on Saturday, a number of them pointing the finger at Universal’s new ticket option, Buy a Day.

Once guests purchase this particular ticket option, it will allow them to visit the park/parks* an unlimited amount of times for most of 2020.

Accusations of Universal Orlando disabling comments on the UOAP Facebook group came to light the same day these concerns were raised. It’s fair to assume that this was an attempt to play down any issues that may have been “rearing their heads at the parks”.

A handful of Facebook posts made by UOAP’s can be read below.

Credit: Sami King Sidmed (Facebook)
Credit: Michael Pratt (Facebook)
Credit: Richard Byers (Facebook)
Credit: Janet Torres-King (Facebook)

Above Facebook screenshots captured by Orlandohols.com.

For the record, Universal Orlando Resort have been doing an incredible job when it comes to keeping guests safe and socially distanced since the parks have reopened. However, we tend to agree that this ticket option doesn’t help the current climate.

*Depending on the type of Buy a Day ticket you purchase. We highly recommend that you read the details on the ticket in this article.

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  1. That’s complete BS my family and I were ther 2 weeks ago and my cousin was there with her family last week it was never crowded. There was in fact social distancing and yes people had to be reminded to wear a mask properly but it was never over crowded. We never had to wait in line for any ride the 4 day we were there bc it was so under crowded. Universal did an outstanding job keeping people distanced and keeping the park sanitized. Either these people making the complaints are knit picking or they are being paid to make these comments.

  2. if people are so concerned with the lack of social distancing in a theme park, I have a wild idea!! Don’t go! We’re still in the middle of a pandemic, one this country isn’t handling well, and visiting a theme park IS NOT essential.

  3. I think you may have missed the point in the article that people were complaining about this past weekend specifically. I was there that day they are taking about and it was very crowded and most all lines were an hour or much more. Seemingly because of that mentioned ‘buy a day’ promotion….

  4. I think you may have missed the point in the article that people were complaining about this past weekend specifically. I was there that day they are taking about and it was very crowded and most all lines were an hour or much more. Seemingly because of that mentioned ‘buy a day’ promotion…. but staff did a great job

  5. We are staying at the resort now and it is not BS the parks were packed on Sunday and very busy yesterday and today.. it’s impossible to social distance.. I blame Universal for offering 5 months to FLA residents . we love Universal but we are rather upset that out of state guests have to pay full price for a short vacation ..

  6. I would also like add that the team members are trying their best but the crowds are too big and there are multitudes of guests without masks on,. Not social distancing ànd improperly wearing masks.

  7. I took my family on Friday and yes I purchased the buy a day passes! It is about time Florida residents were given a break. A few months ago my fiancé and I bought 2 2day/2 park tickets for $760.00. With this deal I was able to get my family of 6, 2 park passes for the rest of the year for $1046.00 and I do not feel bad at all! Anyway, we had a great time. It was not over crowded at all, social distancing was followed and yes I had to remind a few people to move back. Most of the time it was my own 11 year old son and he was reminded countless times to put him mask back on by me and staff! This is our world now. Make the best of it. I will take the day we had over the overcrowding the last time we went all day long!

  8. Buy one day, come back the rest of the year for free is not exceptable, pass holders paid a lot of money to be able to have access to the parks as many times as you want in a year, and now this, well if this is so I will be canceling my pass and buy one day and go as many times as I want for just a one day fee, this needs to be taken out and the ones that have purchased this unfair ticket special to the Passholder,, revised to the one day only, Unexeptable

  9. I agree with the comment above. I went to Universal Studios August 3rd on a Monday. The park was not crowded at all .If anything uncrowded. Which was perfect for us . People were following the rules that we noticed. Staff continuously everywhere reminding guests to wear masks at all times above there nose. Hands were given sanitizer prior to boarding attractions . Distance markers on ground and separation on attractions. Temperature checks also at parking garage entrance prior to bag checking to parks. .My experience was great..super HOT day, but with the no wait and rapid entrances we zipped through everything which is unusual on summer Orlando visits.

  10. Hopefully every case contracted at Disney can be traced back to there. At some point the negligence will be more the just negligence. It will be libel. It schools for students and teachers back in the middle of a pandemic they will be litigation like the nation has never seen. No one is forcing anyone to attend Disney properties. But it borderlines immoral to even be open.
    I don’t want to hear anyone’s ignorant mouth in regard to this being overreacting, or a political hoax. Those people obviously have not lost anyone close to them due to the virus. Selfish, foolish people.

  11. They give Florida discounts because we visit more frequently and spend more over a longer period in the parks. Its like.. a no Brainer. If I’m upset about anything it is that they allow non residents into our state during a pandemic. Makes no sense to me that someone in a virus hot spot can escape their state and infect us here in FL.

  12. This is poor article writing, they didn’t show Universal’s response to these concerns on the FB page. Very one sided writing. Show the response. Also I love everyone complaining about the crowds, but fail to realize that they are also a part of the problem.

  13. Seaworld Orlando years ago used to do that “buy a day come back for free”. Not sure if they still do now. When i go to Universal/Islands Of Adventure i always buy the vip passes which allows me to get into the shortcut line. I can ride thrill rides like Incredible Hulk and Spider Man multiple times in a short pan

  14. If they were soooo concerned with the health of them or there family they wouldn’t go. However if u choose to go that’s on you. But theme parks can only do so much it’s the people attending the parks that are the problem. That don’t wear mask or social distance

  15. Stop living two weeks ago… new promotions brought in business and they arent social distancing… you dont think more people can visit in the parks?

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