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Orlando’s Super Nintendo World Rumoured to be Built Sooner As Epic Universe Delayed Indefinitely


As with any kind of rumour, this information should be considered unofficial unless, and until, Universal officially confirms…

According to Orlando ParkStop & Theme Park Shark’s Alicia Stella, Orlando’s version of Super Nintendo World (SNW) may be built sooner now that Universal’s Epic Universe (EU, Universal’s new theme park) has been delayed indefinitely.

Stella says, “Supposedly, Universal wants to honour their agreement with Nintendo and build SNW somewhere in Orlando within a reasonable (or more importantly, foreseeable) time frame.”

Essentially, Stella suggests we may see the original SNW plans to replace Woody Woodpecker’s KidZone (KidZone) at Universal Studios Florida “be dusted off and put into action, and soon.”

Credit: Orlando ParkStop

For those unaware, SNW was always planned to open in Japan first by 2020. The next version of the land was going to open inside of Universal Studios Florida in 2021.

However, Universal scrapped that concept once they started work on their new theme park, saving the land for EU instead.

The trustworthy Orlando theme park journalist says that, with the future of EU now in question, it’s conceivable that the above-mentioned original plans could be back on the table.

It’s important to state that the KidZone plans were/are exactly the same as the plans for the land at EU, Stella says.

Credit: Chickenlilchip (Twitter) – Original permit for KidZone replacement

The Curious George and Fievel play areas would be torn down, the Animal Actors stage and the Barney show would make way for the land; E.T. Adventure would remain untouched…Thankfully!

Should these plans in fact go ahead, Stella imagines that they may only build the phase one iteration, just like they did in Japan, with the Mario Kart and Yoshi rides, along with the Mushroom Kingdom area.

Whilst there is room for the Donkey Kong roller coaster to be built as well, Stella assumes it would be put off for a fair while to save money and/or time.

Should this rumour come to fruition, the question would be WHEN? The land is ready to open at Universal Studios Japan, whenever they feel the timing is right. With everything going on in the world at the moment, there’s no telling when that might be.

A smaller version of SNW is also being built at Universal Studios Hollywood at this time and it appears to be coming along quickly.

A small handful believe they may put a rush on the Orlando version of the land, allowing Universal to open it at the same time as the Hollywood version, with a massive promotional push in an effort to bring tourists back to the parks.

Whilst they couldn’t rush into the project, it’s also possible Universal wouldn’t want to start another huge project until the unannounced Jurassic Coaster is completed over at Islands of Adventure.

Source: Theme Park Shark

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