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Loud Argument on Tom Sawyer Island Heard Across the Magic Kingdom


The news of this minor incident reached us late but we believe it requires further investigation beyond the initial Facebook post.

A loud, expletive-filled argument allegedly took place on Tom Sawyer Island at the Magic Kingdom on the afternoon of Saturday 25th July. Guests visiting the park reported that they could hear the altercation from a number of locations in the theme park.

According to a post on a Walt Disney World Annual Passholders Facebook group, guests reported that a loud argument took place on Tom Sawyer Island, located in the centre of Rivers of America near Frontierland in the Magic Kingdom.

The post on Facebook said that a male guest was heard shouting expletives repeatedly. Other guests stated that the man’s voice was so loud that his foul language could be heard from a number of locations throughout the park, including those listed below:

  • Entrance of the Pirates of the Caribbean – Adventureland
  • Liberty Tree Tavern – Liberty Square
  • Big Thunder Mountain Railroad, Pecos Bill Tall Tale Inn and Café – Frontierland

Guests reported, via social media, that Cast Members gathered on the main land and waited for Magic Kingdom security to arrive on the scene of the incident. Disney staff dealt with the situation as quickly as possible, according to the original post.

It’s not known what happened to the guest who was reportedly involved, with whom we’re trying to locate to interview. It hasn’t been reported whether the situation ever turned physical or if it was only a verbal argument.

One witness reported the altercation at one point involved the male guest “screaming in a woman’s face.”

We will be reaching out to Disney for an official comment on the incident. If you witnessed, or were involved in this, and wish to comment on further, please email us at otpzofficial19@gmail.com

We acknowledge that the wellbeing of all park’s visitors is a priority for Disney as always

Source: Inside The Magic

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