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Splash Mountain Ride Vehicle Sinks at the Magic Kingdom


UPDATE: As of 9:40am (EST), Splash Mountain has officially reopened at the Magic Kingdom following a temporary delay (which included ride vehicles being tested).

It would be fair to say it’s been a difficult couple of weeks for Splash Mountain at the Magic Kingdom.

The iconic attraction has experienced lengthy downtime and even closing for several days whilst the attraction was drained so that crews could work on the undisclosed problem.

At approximately 5:30pm yesterday evening, Splash Mountain closed for the rest of the day and guests were evacuated.

The first report that this evacuation could be more than the average evacuation was posted on Twitter swiftly after the attraction closed, courtesy of Twitter user @EscAuthority. See tweet below:

Subsequent reports were posted on Twitter later that night, which confirmed the original report that a ride vehicle was fully submerged in the finale scene of the attraction.

Guests exited the ride vehicle before any Cast Member told them to. The ride vehicle continued to sink past what can be seen in the video above.

According to sources, this particular part of the attraction is reportedly six foot deep.

Bigger versions of above videos can be found below:



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