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“First of Its Kind” B&M Roller Coaster Could Be Coming to SeaWorld Orlando in 2021


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According to Inside Universal forum user GAcoaster2, a “first of its kind” B&M roller coaster1 (coaster) could be coming to SeaWorld Orlando in 2021. You can read the forum user’s post in full below:

“I talked to the person who initially told me about the new coaster plans, and it may truly be a “first of its kind” B&M coaster coming in, and not just a wing coaster. Some time ago they trademarked a “Surf Coaster” design, and the new rumour is that it may be the new coaster coming to SeaWorld.

This would make a lot of sense with 2021 being so competitive for the Orlando market. While SeaWorld isn’t in the same league and challenging Disney and Universal, they are focused on the annual pass/local market and need to do something big to keep them coming.

With the Jurassic Coaster, Tron Coaster, and Guardians coaster all offering big new thrills, they feel they need to do something I’m sure. A first of its kind coaster would certainly make a splash even in the big pond of Orlando. Perhaps this is a variation on the Wing Coaster design and that caused the confusion?”

“Sounds like a 4D coaster to me.”


According to another forum user, Joe, rumours suggest that we’ll see work start in May. Excited for potentially another coaster coming to SeaWorld Orlando? Let us know in the comments below.

1: Not just a wing coaster
2: GAcoaster has a terrific track record when it comes to rumours!

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