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SeaWorld Orlando Files Plans for 2021 Attraction; B&M Wing Coaster in the Works?


Whilst we are eagerly waiting for Ice Breaker to open this Spring, it would appear SeaWorld Orlando is already planning for 2021.

The park filed plans earlier this week for a new project with the Orange County Government, even though there aren’t many details yet, a rumour suggests that this could be another coaster project.

Let’s get into the details!

The permit was filed on Monday 13th January, 2020, and is simply for “Site Work”, which tends to be the first phase of any construction project.

Credit: Coaster Kings (www.thecoasterkings.com)

This phase usually includes demolition, land grading and preparation for the utilities and foundations1.

Coaster Kings (CK) filed a public records request and obtained a copy of the demolition site plan, which illustrates the project’s boundaries and the demolition that will take place.

Because this phase of the project doesn’t involve any new construction, the site plan doesn’t show any new structures or details of what kind of attraction might be coming, whatever it could be is complete rumour/speculation.

The plan sheet (find here) illustrates the code name for the project, which is Penguin (SWO Penguin).

The image below is an overlay off the site plan with the park. According to CK, it looks like the pathway that runs between Bayside Stadium and Dolphin Nursery near the front entrance of the park is being demolished.

Credit: Coaster Kings (www.thecoasterkings.com)

Furthermore, even some of the path and roadway on the outside of the park are being demolished as part of this project – proven in the image above.

According to CK, The overall project area is roughly 3.6 acres. For comparison, Kraken occupies around 4 acres, so it’s fair to suggest that there’s another space here for a large attraction.

Credit: Coaster Kings (www.thecoasterkings.com)

So, what could it be? It’s difficult to know with the information available at this present time, however there’s one interesting rumour circulating around now.

Earlier this week, InsideUniversal forum user GACoaster posted about a rumoured Wing coaster project on the horizon.

In the post, GACoaster Mentioned that the new coaster would be located “right at the front of the park as part of an overall revamp of the front gate area…The rumour it is the entire entry experience would be reconfigured using part of the seldom used Bayside pathway area and the new wing coaster would soar over the revamped entryway.”

According to CK, these plans definitely match up with that rumour.

On Saturday 18th January, 2020, Coaster Studios uploaded the below video talking about the rumour. Watch below:

 With that being said, what do you think? let us know in the comments below.

“If this comes to fruition, we’re pretty darn excited to say the least!”

Jamie Simms, Orlando Theme Park Zone

Source: Coaster Kings

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