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New Rumour Suggests Disney’s Hollywood Studios Meet and Greet Lineup Getting Slimmed Down


According to Theme Park Tourist’s Amanda Kondolojy, Disney’s Hollywood Studios‘ Character meet and greet lineup is getting slimmed down.

Should this rumour be true, the listed below character meet and greets will be getting the axe:

  • Mike from Monsters Inc. – Walt Disney Presents
  • Bo Peep from Toy Story – Toy Story Land
  • Frozone from the Incredibles – Pixar Place

No specific end date has been announced for these Character meet and greets, however rumours seem to indicate that these characters will be going away soon!

Source: Theme Park Tourist


  1. They shouldn’t do this to Bo Peep, TS4 was a huge box office hit and nominated for two Oscars(most likely losing to Klaus and that Elton John song from Rocketman respectively). Wishes they focused on putting out characters like Ian and Barley from Pixar’s latest foray Onward and Luz Noceda, King, and more Disney Channel’s amazing show, The Owl House instead

    You also can’t have Woody meet together with Jessie at Toy Story Land again, Woody left Jessie and Buzz at the end of Toy Story 4, that contradicts the ending of the latest TS movie, if Jessie & Woody meet together again when Bo Peep leaves, can’t Disney cut Olaf from Celebrity Spotlight(for a new character or two, because that meet was supposed to switch out backdrops and characters, Frozen 2 wasn’t nominated for Best Animated Feature at the Oscars, and his In Summer theme wasn’t represented in Frozen 2) instead of ditching Bo.

    I wish that Bo Peep returns to WDW for the resort’s big 50th Anniversary, what do you guys think?, bring her back for the celebration, WDW

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