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Rumour Suggests Disney Cruise Line to Release Summer 2021 Itineraries on 24th February


Via a well-placed source, The DIS are reporting that Disney Cruise Line (DCL) will be releasing their Summer 2021 itineraries on the 24th February, 2020.

Disney will usually announce dates and itineraries a few days before they are available to book – The DIS anticipate that this will happen around 20th February or 21st February, 2020.

When booking opens in past years, Platinum Castaway Club members (those who have sailed on DCL ten times or more) will have the first chance to book (24th February).

Gold Castaway Club (five or more DCL cruises) will be able to book the following day (25th February), followed by Disney Vacation Club members, Golden Oak residents, and Silver Castaway Club members (2 or more DCL cruises) on 26th February.

Reservations will be available to the general public starting on the 27th February, 2020. It’s very important to note that the earlier your book your cruise, the lower the price will be since the rates will increase as the ships fill up.

With this release, Disney will announce dates for their Alaska cruises for 2021, along with several European itineraries, as well as itineraries for standard sailings to The Bahamas and the Caribbean.

There are also usually unexpected announcements with these releases. Disney announced two sailings to and from Hawaii, which sold out within a few days, last year.

Source: The DIS

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