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RUMOUR: Shanghai Disneyland and Hong Kong Disneyland Closures May Impact Operations at Walt Disney World


In case you’re unaware, Disney has temporarily closed Hong Kong Disneyland Resort and Shanghai Disneyland Resort in an effort to help prevent the spread of the Coronavirus.

The unforeseen closures have forced guests to rethink their plans and may force Disney to make adjustments financially to offset their lost revenue abroad.

Walt Disney World Resort (Walt Disney World) and Disney’s other properties around the globe could see slight adjustments based on financial fears caused by closures.

Reports of financial tightening have already been leaked and discussed over on WDWMagic:

“I’m hearing that in the wake of closures of both Hong Kong Disneyland and Shanghai Disneyland that there will be some tightening of the belt at Walt Disney World. Savings will need to be made, likely starting with [labor].”

Credit: WDWMagic

As you can see in the above quote, the labour at Walt Disney World will likely be impacted. This means select Cast Member positions and hours could be scaled back to cut coasts.

An example provided was a scenario where a store could go from six operating cash registers to four, creating longer lines for guests and reduced hours for Cast Members.

Credit: WDWMagic

It would be fair to suggest that we’ve seen Disney make similar cuts, specifically to entertainment, during previous times of financial turmoil. 

This current rumoured rollback shouldn’t surprise anyone given Disney’s habit of making quick alterations to offset dropped revenue.

We hope these rumoured alterations aren’t too drastic and won’t be felt or noticed by guests. Stay tuned to Orlando Theme Park Zone for more on this rumour.

Source: Notes from Neverland

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