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Second Family Insists Universal Orlando Character Made White Supremacy Hand Sign

Credit: WESH 2

A second family has alleged that a Universal Orlando Resort (Universal Orlando) Team Member (actor) dressed as a Despicable Me character flashed an okay hand sign, which is known to symbolise white supremacy while posing with a 5-year-old Hispanic girl.

Attorneys for the girl’s family said it happened last February, five weeks before a person dressed as the same character, Gru, displayed the same sign whilst taking photos with two biracial children at a Universal Orlando breakfast at the Loews Royal Pacific Resort.

The first incident during the breakfast was first reported in October after the family released the photo and say they felt targeted.

“You feel targeted, someone’s targeting your child, someone’s targeting you and your family, and they didn’t mean any good intent,” mother Tiffany Zinger said.

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The same attorney representing Zinger now says a second family has reported an identical incident. The attorney says that in the latest photo, a 5-year-old Hispanic girl is seen posing with the same character who once again flashes the okay sign.

The two photos were taken early last year, around three months apart. The attorney for the families has filed a complaint with the state charging Universal with “public accommodation discrimination.”

The attorney wants Universal to reveal the identity of th3e actor or actors who played the character in both photos. Attorney Lisa Riddle stated the following:

“It’s especially important to reveal who this Character is, to better be able to ensure that this person is no longer able to do this at Universal parks and also to ensure that Universal is supervising and training its [costumed] characters so they don’t do any of these things for unsuspecting kids.”

Back in October, Universal Orlando released a statement saying “we never want our guests to experience what this family did. This is not acceptable, and we are sorry, and we are taking steps to make sure nothing like this happens again.”

Now that a second family has come forward, Universal Orlando is once again being pushed for answers. Universal gave WESH 2 news the following statement:

“We value, respect and welcome all our guests. Our actors should never do anything that is inappropriate, make our guests uncomfortable or is out of character. We have training in place to reinforce our values with our actors and to make sure they know what we and our guests expect from them. The actor in the March photo no longer works here. We will immediately investigate you have shared and take appropriate action.”

Just to clarify, Orlando Theme Park Zone will not be making any comment on this story at this time.

Source: WESH 2


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