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Site Plan for How to Train Your Dragon Land at Epic Universe Revealed


Extraordinary work on behalf of Orlando ParkStop’s Alicia Stella (Stella).

In case you’re unaware, Universal’s Epic Universe (EU) is a new theme park being built in Orlando, Florida.

EU Is expected to be made up of four separately themed lands, as well as a sizable central hub. This hub will contain attractions of its own.  

One of EU’s themed lands will be based on the film series, How to Train Your Dragon (HTTYD – DreamWorks).

We’re learning more about the HTTYD land at EU thanks to some recently filed permits, including some of the layouts for the proposed attractions in the land.

Please note: The site plan was obtained by Orlando ParkStop through a records request.

The site plan image below appears to show the proposed layout for the HTTYD land at EU. According to Stella, the land will be located in the south-east corner of the park.

Credit: Orlando ParkStop

Looking at the site plan, you can see several attractions which stand out, including the large roller coaster that goes around a large section at the north side of the land.

Two large show buildings what will likely before indoor attractions can be seen on the site plans, as well as a boat ride, a flat ride, and an outdoor play area.  

Credit: Orlando ParkStop

We highly recommend that you read Stella’s article (read here) on the site plan because she really goes in depth about each proposed attraction2. It’s a fascinating read.

The above site plan(s) for the HTTYD land are the second set of permits which have emerged online for the all-new theme park.

Back in December, the site plans for Super Nintendo World emerged online. This themed land will be located on the south-west area of the all-new park.

You can see how both the lands will be situated within EU in the image below.

Credit: Orlando ParkStop

Universal’s EU Is expected to open sometime in 2023. Stay tuned to Orlando Theme Park Zone for more coverage on the new park.

We like what we’ve seen so far, just in plans, however we are excited to see more.

2: Illustrated on the site plan seen above.

Source: Orlando ParkStop

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