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Behind-the-Scenes Look at HarmonioUs at Epcot


Disney has shared a new video showing the work going on behind-the-scenes to get ready for HarmonioUs, the all-new nighttime spectacular coming to Epcot this spring. Watch below:

In the video above, you’ll see one of the five massive barges arriving on Walt Disney World property.

Walt Disney Imagineering and Disney Parks Live Entertainment teams recently passed a major milestone in the development of the show, with the delivery of several floating platforms that will provide a base for the technology used to create HarmonioUs.

HarmonioUs will bring to World Showcase Lagoon an innovative toolkit of massive floating set pieces that house a variety of show effects, including custom-built LED panels, choreographed moving fountains, colourful lights, lasers, pyrotechnics and more.

The show is beautifully crafted nighttime dreamscape of Disney music and images, reimagined by diverse cultural musicians and artists from around the world. It’s a transformative experience, where guests can discover how Disney music hast the power to inspire and unite us all.

You can catch a preview of concepts for the show now by visiting Walt Disney Imagineering Presents the Epcot Experience, located in the Odyssey Events Pavilion.

Source: Disney Parks Blog  

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