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Guests Evacuated from Disney Skyliner Last Night After Downtime


It seems that the Disney Skyliner (DS) can’t catch a break, even during one of the busiest weeks of the year at Walt Disney World Resort (Walt Disney World).

According to KennythePirate.com (KTP), several of the Disney Skyliner routes1 were plagued with prolonged downtime yesterday – 29th December, 2019.

1: Including the Caribbean Beach Resort (CBR), Disney’s Riviera Resort (DRR) and Epcot “lines”.

One of KTP’s writers had a relative visiting Walt Disney World this week. She said at around 12:30pm yesterday, the CBR line was down.

The KTP writer said her relative saw someone working on top of a gondola cabin.  Cast Members were letting guests know that they will need to use replacement bus services to reach their final destination.

The route to and from Epcot’s International Gateway was also down much of yesterday, with no reason given, according to KTP.

Last night via social media, guests reported that the route to and from DRR experienced “issues”. Guests on this route were stuck for several minutes and then evacuated off by Cast Members.

Stay tuned to Orlando Theme Park Zone on this developing story. We’ve reached out to Disney for comment.

The DS gondola transportation system officially debuted this year, but not without a rough start to say the least.

Back in October, around one week after opening, we reported that an accident on the DS route caused a multiple-cabin collision.

You can find all our coverage on the accident here. Following an extensive investigation by Disney, the DS reopened over a week later with modified hours.

It would be fair to say the newest transportation system at Walt Disney World still sees unexpected downtime from time to time, which is a given because its new. However!

It’s a shame because it’s supposed to be an efficient mode of transportation around the Walt Disney World property.

Source: Kenny The Pirate


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